Crispy fish with pea puree


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I got this recipe from Xanthe Clay and Loyd Grossman in the Telegraph food column. Its just the thing for supper for the ravenous rambler as its quick to make.


Two large haddock fillets

2 tbsp flour

1 egg
4 tbls breacrumbs
mint leaves
1 lemon
13ozz peas
1 cup of rice

Put the rice on to cook as normal, switch the grill on and put the peas on to boil.

Cut the haddock fillets into fingers and dip into the flour. Beat up the egg with a little water and dip each haddock finger into the egg and then into the bread crumbs and put under the gril, brush them with some oil.

When the peas are done whizz them up with a blender and add a little butter and seasoning. The fish takes about 10 minutes under the grill.

Serve the fish on the bed of rice with the pureed peas. It looks gorgeous on the plate and is very tasty.