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I have recently gone back to playing chess thanks to I had given up playing for a long time as it took up too much time during the day but now, thanks to I can play people from all round the world and just a move at a time when convenient.
It is a on-line based community and you can have several boards running at the same time. You make your move and the other players log on and make their move convenient to them. There are time limits you can set for the games and these are generally 5 or 10 days if you play more leisurely. You can even book in holidays so that people don’t claim wins against you whilst you are away.
When I first signed up, I was greeted by a welcomer player in America. We played a game and as each board has a little messaging facility we exchanged little comments about the weather and things like – ‘Good move’ and ‘well played’. The welcomer answers any questions about how to use the interface and generally makes you feel at home. However, I feel I let myself down in my manners by beating him!
The system will suggest oppenents for you but the best thing is to get into tournament games where you are matched with similar skilled people. There are knockout tournaments where you play one person at a time and then big all against all type tournamnets. If you join a 4 player all against all you suddenly have 8 boards to play at the same time where you play each person as white and as black. You need to be on your toes to think about 8 boards at the same time but it is an excellent way of trying out new openings to see what happens.
When you join at the beginning, the subscription is free but you have limited facilities. You can stay a free member but when you pay the small subscription every year you can play more boards at the same time, book holidays and use the analyse facility as well as a whole load of other exciting features. The analysis feature allows you to try out moves on the board and play through scenarios before you play your move. There is a handy notes section so you can write memos to yourself like – watch that bishop! Make sure you don’t accidentally write your notes in the messaging facility otherwise your opponent will see your strategy.
There is a scoring system so that your opponents will be evenly matched. If you win your score goes up and when you lose it goes down. If you beat a player who is far better than you, then you gain more points and so on. One can become obsessive about the scores but it is better just to enjoy playing otherwise you will never try out new strategies.
Learning new skills is what chess is all about. There are always new openings or tactics to try out and a little reading of the help and forums will help to develop your strategies. I love the art of thinking behind chess. It engages the brain and is a metaphor for life. When faced by a problem sitting down with a cup of tea and thinking about it usually solves the problem. Quite often when attacked, a counter attack can get you out of the problem, or sometimes even deeper into trouble! Just like life.

Try out chess – its thinking for life.

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Play online chess at


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  1. Have you tried I haven’t tried chessworld and was wondering how it compares to gameknot. They sound very similar.

  2. I think its the same thing although I haven’t done a full comparison yet.

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