Banana splits


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On the boat back from the Farne Islands I sat opposite a chap fiddling around in his rucksack, sorting out his camera and kit. Then he took a banana out and I can’t believe how aggressively he peeled and ate it. He stripped the skin down with a flick of his wrist that really told the banana who was boss. When I peel a banana I do it gently. It’s travelled a long way to give me pleasure and I want to enjoy every moment. I want to savour that taste and prolong the experience as long as possible. If I am at a table I will cut the banana into mouth like chunks and eat it with a fork. Eating it out the skin is rather vulgar unless you are on a pic-nic. Even then you can peel it and break off chunks to put in your mouth or even better feed chunks to a partner…
I have decided that banana peeling is a good test of a person’s character. If they are into banana rape and pull off the skin in aggression – maybe they are just an aggressive, show -off with limited personality. (This guy was trying to impress his girlfriend. I think she was falling for it as well – the slag!). Maybe I am reading too much into a simple action – I will have to consult Freud over this one.

Meanwhile, it puts me in mind of a wonderful banana dish that I had on camp. I was in charge of the pudding, so I made slits in the banana skins with a knife and pushed in chunks of chocolate. Wrapped up the bananas in foil and put them in the camp fire for ten minutes or so. Serve with yoghurt or cream. Ice-cream would be good as well but difficult on camp. The question is – what sort of chocolate would be best …