Hand book journal

Hand book journal

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hand*book journal co.
The ravenous rambler was taking a ramble around Oxford today and of course I went into the ‘the little gallery’ (Broad Street) to stock up on some art supplies. At the counter I made an exciting discovery! There they were just sitting on the counter as though waiting for me to call in. Green, blue and red in their cellophane wrappers. How could I resist some hand*book journals! I bought some small 3.5” x 5.5” pocket size versions and some larger 5.5” x 8.25 “ books. They both have 128 pages of 100% acid free heavyweight paper. I have the landscape ediition but there were portrait and square versions as well.
The small books are like the moleskines except the covers are a rather lovely clothe texture with an elastic enclosure and pretty ribbon bookmark. There is a little envelope in the back (like the moleskin) although it is not as classy as the moleskine version.
I prefer the paper to the moleskines. It has a better tooth so the water colour goes on well. I have tried out pen and ink using my Staedtler 0.05 pens and this works very well. So we shall have to wait for some more testing in the field to see how it operates. The books are thicker than moleskines and this might be the limiting factor for travelling.
Do leave a comment if you are using these stylish sketch books and if you prefer them to the legendary moleskines.


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  1. I have not used them but from your comments I am going to try them also.

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