A walk along the gorges of Galamus to the Monastery of St Anthony.

Monastery of St Anthony

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It’s not a long walk but spectacular and most of the time in shade. The afternoon has the best light for photography. Start by parking in the large carpark at the southern end of the gorge. The parking is free and there is even a free bus waiting to take us up to the Gorge. There is a second car park at the start of the walk but this is often full. There are numberous friendly guides to help. At the far end of the car park there are some steps down and we follow these carefully as the rocks are a bit slippery as they are so well worn with age. The path is a shaded walk amonst olive trees and you have good views of the monastery all along the path. It meanders around and then you climb up to the monastery itself. The whole place is carved out of the rocks and the chapel is especially wonderful and cool. A shaft of light comes in above the entrance and illuminates the subtle blues and creams of the limestone interior. It is dedicated to St Anthony and many pilgrims come this way.
There is a shady cafe for refreshment and a good chance to unwind and watch the rock martins wheeling around the gorge interior. There is a  dangerous little path down to the river if you want to paddle but we didn’t go there.
The path continues on up through a tunnel in the rock and comes out at the half way point along the gorge road. You can walk on along the road that winds its way precariously along the edge of the cliff. Watch out for the strong winds! We turned back along the road and took the bus back to the car park.


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