Good reading for France

First, some recommendations:
Where to watch Birds,
France; Philippe Dubons,
A useful guide to good spots for bird watching.
Travellers Nature Guides, France,; Bob Gibbons.
Interesting nature recommendations – geology, trees, birds and wildlife. A good buy.
Field Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe
Books Read
A guide to the Birds of East Africa, A novel by Nicholas Drayson
This is an excellent story set in Kenya and is the race between two genetlemen to see the most birds in a week. The prize is a chance to take thier belle to the ball.
The world according to Bertie by Alexander McCall-Smith.
A delightful tale about the people who live in the same block in Edinburgh. A story of love and happenings.
Description & Setting by Ron Rozelle
This is to help me with my book writing enterprise but I can recommend this whole series.
Wild Places
by Robert Macfalane
Re-eading this delighful evocation of the wild places of Britain.
The Sicilian, Grand Prix Attack by Gawain Jones
I have never mastered the Sicilian defence in chess and this is a good introduction with some readable analayis and several example games.
Mountains of the Mind by Robert Macfarlane
An evocative account of the history and fascination with mountaineering.
Soldier H – SAS, the headhunters of Borneo by Shaun Clarke
Not sure how much of this is true but a gruelling soldier’s account of the British Army trying to keep Indonesaian rebels out of Malaya in 1963. An unexpected find on the reading shelf!
Le Pays Cathare en aquerelles by Alain Vigneron
Beauitiful paintings of the Cathar region in water colours. I bought this for inspiration and it worked as it really got me painting when I wasn’t writing!


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