The Ravenous Rambler goes en randonnée.

France Day 1.
All went well with a lovely drive down to Dover and a traditional P & O boat crossing on an azure sea and the white cliffs retreated into the distance over an awful tasting coffee from the on board costa coffee bar. Do they get everywhere?
The motorways opened up for a trouble free journey down towards Paris. We were aiming for Orleans to stay overnight ready for the next day’s trip down to the South. Then I realised that there was a major malfunction in the planning. Whilst the 14th July has no relevance to us Brits, here in France it was a big holiday weekend and we ran into it at Paris. The peasants were revolting with a mass walk out from their businesses and to our horror were all on the road. The motorway was down to a snail’s pace and got worst all the way through. It took us about 2-3 hours just to get out of Paris and as it was now approaching the evening we decided enough was enough and pulled off the motorway to stay in a Campanile on the outskirts of Paris. They are jolly hotels where you can park outside like a motel. The food is excellent and we had a selection of salads followed by a seafood pasta. The Ravenous Rambler was full of joie de vivre.


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