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As a long term hay fever sufferer, the summer means only one thing to me – sneezing and runny eyes. I usually stay in for the month of June. Yes, all thoughts of rambling takes a back seat as I sit in a darkened room and turn into a chess playing, book reading geek. Until now, that is. I think I may have finally cracked it.
Before I reveal the secret of my success, I want to explain the full extent of my sufferings. First, the symptoms. Yes, there is the sneezing but the itchy eyes are the worst thing. It usually gets worse as I go to bed and have to resist rubbing them otherwise in the morning I wake up with bags the size of suitcases under my eyes which are so coated with a glue like substance that I can’t open them, let alone put my contact lenses in. After a week or two of this, it seems to get into my chest and I go about wheezing and the only way I can breath at night is to sit up.
How to cope with this. Well, going to live in Botswana helped. The symptoms kicked in at a different time of year which was novel but it was still there. Not going outside helps a lot but when you are a ravenous rambler this is difficult. I cope with the itchy eyes by drinking tea! Sounds strange but it works. You have to use a large mug and breath into the steam. It helps calm the eyes and stops you wanting to itch them all the time. Sneezing fits. These can be very draining. Just lay down with your head in a pillow and meditate. It works for me.
So, what is the miracle cure. Well this year my hay fever is under control for the first time. I have been out and about cycling and walking and hardly any sneezing and my eyes are normal! For the past year, I have been eating local honey every morning on my special Ravenous Rambler breakfast. It is said to help make you immune to the effects of the pollen and it seems to work for me. Good luck and hope you have a sneeze free summer.


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  1. The sneezing, the sniffling, the coughing, the watery eyes … hay fever can make life miserable. And with side effects ranging from drowsiness to high blood pressure and diabetes, allergy medication is often a solution worse than the condition itself. A Chiropractor is concerned about the upswing in marketing and use of allergy medications and encourage patients to seek natural solutions, including chiropractic.

    How can a Chiro help? The answer lies with hay fever’s origins. In hay fever sufferers, the immune system overresponds to harmless substances and launches an assault.

    Since hay fever is tied to a dysfunction in the immune system, the chiropractic office is a great place to start in the battle against this condition.

    Preliminary research indicates that chiropractic strengthens immunity by influencing the nervous system. Researchers speculate that, because the spinal column houses the spinal cord, dysfunction of the spinal column may influence the nervous system. This, in turn, impairs immune function.

    Dr Steven Lockstone is a Chiropractor in Melbourne with a passion for health and chiropractic.

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