Breakfast – Start the day the Rambler Way!

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There is nothing like waking up late on a summer’s Sunday afternoon, doing a few chores and then settling down with a good breakfast and the papers. Choose a good spot outside in the shade and get everything ready. Put a large pot of coffee on and choose large cups with saucers to drink the coffee.
I remember having this breakfast as a treat at the Victoria Falls hotel in Zimbabwe where the fruit was all fresh fruit like papaya and guava. The monkeys snatched my bananas!

So prepare my dish of the day – breakfast muesli with yoghurt and honey.
any other fruit of your choice
Handful of sultanas
Cup of porridge oats
Mixed dried fruit and nuts of your choice. I like cranberries and hazelnuts.

Chop up all fruit and put into large deep cereal bowls. Pour on the oats and mix in the dried ingredients. Pour on the milk, yoghurt and honey and then make a large jug of coffee and some fresh orange juice. This gives the milk a chance to turn the oats nice and soggy.
Then settle down to enjoy this awesome treat.

If you still have room, make some toast and eat with some home made marmalade. This will set you up for a long walk in the afternoon and is an ideal feast to serve guests as it doesn’t need much preparation and I find making bacon and fried eggs just too hot in the Summer months.


3 Responses

  1. Lovely muesli recipe – and you story about the monkeys stealing your banana! LOL!

  2. Thank you Jeanette.

  3. […] the nettles aside to reach those ripe fruits. They are delicious to eat fresh or maybe on the Ravenous Rambler Breakfast. My favourite though is raspberry sorbet and I think I have found an excellent quick way of making […]

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