Quiche Lorraine


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This is one of my favourite dishes. I used to work for YHA in the Lake district and this was my signature dish for hungry ramblers. I made great big trays of it, served with roast potatoes and salad or cabbage. I now like to make this dish in a circular flan dish and I make enough so there is some for the next day. It seems to improve with keeping and wrapped up in foil it makes an excellent picnic lunch Summer or Winter. Strictly speaking the quiche Lorraine doesn’t have cheese but I will do anything to a quiche recipe to make a tasty version.

3 Onions
Olive oil
Optional bacon
Stick of celery
Optional leeks.
Pastry base
Cheese for the topping
3 eggs
Yoghurt and milk
Tomatoes for decoration

First get the onions on to fry in a little olive oil to soften. Then add some leeks and peppers. Some chunks of bacon will add some good flavour although leave out if you have vegetarians.
Whilst this is cooking, make up the pastry. Rub in the oil and add some very cold water. Mix and roll out for the flan dish. Leave in the fridge to keep cool. Some people say its better cooked in the oven blind but I like a soggy pastry base so don’t tend to do this.
Mix up the eggs in a jug. You can add milk and cream but I find this too rick so add yoghurt and a little milk. A pinch of seasoning and herbs.
Then make up the flan. Put the onion mixture into the flan case, add the egg mixture and top with cheese and some tomato slices as decoration.
Bake for about 35 minutes at 180.

There are so many options with this dish. If you use red leicester cheese it produces a lovely red cooked look to the top. Crumble Lancashire cheese is also tasty but doesn’t finish so well. For the filling, I like leeks but sometimes use courgette or just leave out and add extra onions.


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