Jura Cottage

Originally uploaded by Mr_Chips

A short ferry ride from Islay, Port Askraig takes you to the entirely unique island of Jura. As the old landing craft pulls up at Feolin you are entering a new and exciting world.
Jura means ‘the island of the deer’ as the population of red deer out numbers the 200 inhabitants and you may be lucky enough to spot some on the winding road up the East coast of the Island.
Jura House is the first point of interest but we didn’t have time to look round on this visit so this is a good excuse for going back.
Further on is Craighouse where we had cosy pot of coffee at the Craighouse hotel. This is the main town and there is plenty to do for the photographer. The little harbour is a delight and with the paps of Jura behind the town it makes an excellent landscape subject.
The Jura shop is a friendly place to stock up on supplies before heading north up the single track road. Also stock up on whisky at the distillery, I think its one of the best.
A little warning on Jura if you have just come up from London or one of the big cities. It is a slower pace of life here. People greet you and want to talk to you. Don’t ignore them like you do in London but take an interest and you will enjoy your time on Jura.


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