Zen and the art of tea drinking

Camping kettle
Originally uploaded by Mr_Chips

Tea is simple yet complex. On the one hand a cup of flavoured hot water and on the other hand something that caused wars and world trade. For me though it is a way of life. The start of every day has to begin with the mighty brew of life just isn’t worth living. I am writing this with a mug of the steaming variety at my elbow. Even when I travel I take an electric element and mug so that I can brew up in the hotel room or a gas burner when camping. I have a special insulated mug with a lid when I am travelling so I can sip along without it getting cold.
My life changed in Botswana when I discovered red bush tea and I am so happy that there are major imports now to the UK, largely the result of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Ma Romotswa likes her red bush tea and it was this literary influence that causes the people of Britain to sit up and take notice. They put the lids on their Earl Grey and Yorkshire tea and started to try out the red bush variety. I like it black and the good thing when you camping is that you drink it cold. At home, I keep a pot going most of the day and just top it up with hot water. It’s good for you as there is no caffeine and its good for the mind because it helps you to think. My current favourite is Dragonfly tea and they do several varieties.
Sometimes, in the afternoon I like something a little stronger and my current favourite is Darjeeling. We also have some black china which is good in the morning – it really wakes me up .
My favourite tea shop for a posh tea is Fortnum & Mason although I also like the little cafe at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Not so much for their tea and cakes but for the sketching opportunities.
My favourite country to travel to for tea apart from Botswana, obviously, is Turkey where they dish out free tea in little glasses wherever you go. It is sweet but refreshing.


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