The Old Forge Restaurant, Rye

My favourite restaurant in Rye (but now taken over I am afraid so this review is out of date until I can get there again ). Its tucked away around on Wish Street, its been going for ever and the owner holds forth in the middle of the dining room from where he can keep an eye on things and makes sure that the friendly efficient service is always up to scratch. Booking is essential otherwise you may be disappointed.

What’s on the menu? Well -its good country cooking – pheasant casserole, seasonal vegetables, excellent seafood – we had some delicious halibut! There are some tasty puddings – on the simpler side – sorbets and ice creams. Next time I shall make some more detailed notes.

There is a good wine list and is all reasonably priced.


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  1. Ate here last night – it’s been taken over (I think the previous owner had been looking to retire) and is not a patch on the previous, or maybe we just went on an off night. Tragic.

  2. Many thanks Julie – I have updated the review. Such a shame – I shall have to search for a new special place in Rye.

  3. We had dinner at the Old Forge last night, the place looks lovely, really ecclectic. Paul (one of the owners) took me on a little conducted tour of the restaurant as well!
    I had grilled fish with fennel saladand my husband had the duck, both were perfect.
    The mocha mousse was served with a thimble of ‘naughtiness’, a combination of liquers. Awesome!
    We loved everything about the place and would definitely go back 🙂

  4. Excellent news I am glad the old forge is still as good. I look forward to going back.

  5. Had dinner their last week. Absolutely top notch! The meal was excellent!!!

    The wife and I had scallops to start (wrapped in bacon) and fillet steak for main. I could do it again right now 🙂

    Thanks for writing about this .. I read this web page before going and decided to risk it 🙂

  6. I am so glad you had a good night out and that the Forge is still providing good food.

  7. I was in Rye yesterday (27/9) on my birthday, for the first time in over 10 years! We were trying to remember the name of the place we ate an excellent meal all those years ago and it was only later, when I arrived home, and found an old leaflet, that I realised it was The Old Forge (we had passed by yesterday by car and I did have an inkling that was the place). I seem to remember having something there called Wimwams – honestly! Can anyone tell me what it was – I just remember it was nice? Will try and get down there again but not leave it as long next time.

  8. Judith – I think the whim wham is a type of trifle and I am sure I remember them on the menu as well. There is a link –
    I am not sure if they will be on the menu now as there has been a change of ownership but from all accounts it still sounds an excellent place to eat – just reading the other comments.

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