Lovely amber beauties
Home made seville orange marmalade is Ymzala’s staple conserve. Usually served on toast with coffee before setting out on the latest walk. I always serve this with coffee instead of biscuits. You need a bit of substance when heading out into the wild British countryside.
This recipe is from my mother who used to make all our marmalade when I was growing up. Its not Women’s Institute standard so it won’t win you prizes but its easy-ish to make and very tasty.
Ingredients – 2 lb seville oranges, a lemon or two, 4 lb sugar. 2 pints of water. I use a pressure cooker to cook the fruit and a preserving pan to finish the liquid off. This makes 7lbs of marmalade. Optional – a grapefruit.

I like billingtons sugar as it doesn’t seem to create so much froth. Start by washing the oranges and pushing a skewer through the fruit several times.

Put the fruit in the pressure cooker and steam for 15 minutes at pressure. Then when its cool, cut the fruit open scoop the pith out into a bowl. Its should fall out the fruit and leave the skin intact but soft. Put the pith into a sieve and rub the pith through with a wooden spoon. Pour the juice into a large preserving pan. Cut the peel into chunky strips and put into the pan. Add the sugar and stir in well. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring all the time. Then boil vigorously until it reaches setting point. I always dither over this. I use saucers that I put into the freezer and then test the liquid by pouring a few drops onto the saucer and put back into the freezer for a few moments. It should cool quickly and you can see if its setting. The boiling also changes its pattern and becomes more lumpy. Whatever happens keep an eagle eye on the pan and don’t let it boil over.

When the cooking is finished put some clean jars into the oven at a low temp. This will stop them cracking when you pour the marmalade into them. But let the liquid cool down a bit before ladling it into the jars. Put the lids on and keep them in a cool place.


2 Responses

  1. Oooh yum – this sounds good! I would love to try this but noone in my entire family but myself and my father-in-law likes marmalade. Wonder if I can just make enough for two jars? hmmmm

  2. Why not make a batch. Decorate the jars with labels and give some away as Christmas presents?

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