Rye accommodation

Places to stay in Rye.

I always prefer to stay in town because its great to pop out in the early morning or evening to soak in the atmosphere. There is a wide variety of places from bed and breakfast to smart hotels. Jeakes’ House in Mermaid street is in a lovely situation on the old cobbled street running up through the centre of town. Parking is a little difficult but we stayed in a delightful room at the top of the house with a four post bed. Breakfast was good with home made marmalade. Its a b&b so they don’t do dinner but that’s no problem as there are lots of places to eat.


I have always wanted to stay at the windmill which looks very attractive but can’t say much about it until I have.

Rye lodge

Rye lodge is a sumptious hotel. Its right in the town and has good parking just round the back. There is a swimming pool and variuous other luxuries. I didn’t really like breakfast. The room was too small and we sat with all the other people in an embarrasing silence waiting for a slow waitress to administer the food. I prefer a more home made feel to a place but its worth a look.

Top O’ the Hill is an inn at the top of the hill (surprisingly), just on the outskirts of the town. Its just a little bit too far from town for me although you could probably walk it in ten to fifteen minutes. The accommodation is in a seperate cottage style annexe and I must say that the rooms were delightful. You could park right outside your room. Modernish rooms with four poster bed, TV, tea and coffee facilities, bed side tables and lights. The only problem was the shower was broken and I couldn’t even fill the bath properly so that was a little sad. Breakfast was good although white sliced bread and no fruit or yoghurt. However, it was cheap which makes this place excellent value just let down by a few details. Ymzala gives it 3 stars.

Flackley Ash

The Flackley Ash is actually out at Peasmarch which is perhaps ten minutes drive from Rye. Its a little on the pricey side for Ymzala but very comfortable with spa, pool, gym and all that jazz. The rooms were kitted out with all the usual tea making and TV watching equipement and was large and comfy. The best thing about this place were the grounds. Plenty of them and some nature walks to walk off that large dinner or to get yourself going in the morning.

Breakfast of course is the most important meal of the day and this one ticked all the right boxes. Yoghurt and fruit were all there for you to help yourself, plenty of tea and coffee and I seem to remember that the cooked bit came up to Ymzala standards.

If it was in town you would have the lovely grounds and although expensive it was good value for money and you do feel a little bit special driving in across the gravel and walking in the grand front door. So I give this an Ymzala four star rating.


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